2007-2008 Utah Ski and Snowboard Survey

I was just reading the 2007-2008 Utah Ski and Snowboard Survey and saw some interesting stats I thought I would share. 

Utah had a 4.8 percent growth in skier/snowboard days this season, attributable to the high snowfall we had (up 39% from last year). Median income of visitors to Utah ski resorts was $76,000, up from last year by $1,000.  Do they take into account inflation? Average age of visitors decreased from 34 to 33 years of age even though, in my experience, there were more people in the 55 years and up category than in years past.  My, how we baby boomers are getting old.  There were less locals skiing the powder than out of state guests, and there were more international visitors than in any year yet – Utah is truly becoming THE place to ski globally.  One of the reasons is the weak US dollar. Most skiers/snowboarders were coming from California (22%), New York (8.3 %), Texas (7.1 %) and

(4.2 %).  Those who think the snowboarders are taking over the hill are wrong.  While this segment is growing, they still only represent 31 percent of visitors.  We are also getting smarter.  The percentage of visitors with a bachelors degree or higher increased from 58% to 60%. Hmm so we are getting younger, but smarter on average.  Singles take the lead on who tends to come with  a second segment of parents with children at home the next.  I bet there would be more from the latter segment if they surveyed only Brighton Ski Resort visitors.   Good news for you late planners – only 39% started planning their trip by October.  Most trips were booked in January.   Finally 61 percent of respondents indicated they would definitely return to

within the next two years.  Why???? Need you ask?  A majority of respondents indicated snow quality and their number one reason for returning, followed by presence of family and friends, was the proximity of the ski resorts to the Salt Lake City Airport, and better value for the skiing.

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